CALS Team Award

Award Requirements

Application Deadline:
Due 3rd Tuesday in November to CALS

Purpose: To recognize a team of faculty/staff who have made a significant contribution to the missions of research, extension or teaching in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University Interdisciplinary and/or interdepartmental efforts should be recognized and rewarded.

Eligibility: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty/staff at ISU.

Nature of the award: $2,000 to be deposited into an account designated by the team leader

Number of awards: One

Criteria:  Documented evidence of outstanding achievement by a team of faculty/staff.

Guidelines for Submitting Nominations for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Team Award

The following guidelines are intended help departments make their nominations as strong as possible.

  1. The Team Award is designed to recognize a collective project to build programs to solve problems.
  2. Begin with a statement of no more than three pages describing why this team deserves the award for which it is being nominated. The purpose of this statement is to persuade those reviewing the nomination that your team is deserving of the award. Cite specific examples of relevant behaviors, publications, and recognition whenever possible.
  3. Include statements from individuals inside or outside the university who are in a position to comment on the team’s activities.  (4 letters maximum)
  4. Include a brief vitae of each team member.  (4 pages maximum)

Ready to Submit a Nomination?

Past Recipients

  • 2023 - Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks! (Jacqueline Comito, Matt Helmers, Mark Licht, Adam Janke, Kay Stefanik, Ann Staudt, Elizabeth Ripley, Nathan Stevenson, Alena Whitaker, Hannah Preston)
  • 2022 - Soynomics Team - Asheesh Singh, Arti Singh, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Soumik Sarkar, Daren Mueller, Greg Tylka, Matt O'Neal
  • 2021 - Brenton Center for Agricultural Instruction and Technology Transfer
  • 2020 - Uganda School Garden Program
  • 2019 - Plant Breeding Education in Africa
  • 2018 - Rowcrops/STRIPS Team - Lisa Schulte-Moore, J. Arbuckle, Rick Cruse, Brian Gelder, Nancy Grudens-Schuck, Mary Harris, Matt Helmers, Adina How, Matt Liebman, Mark Johnson, Jarad Niemi, Matt O'Neal, Michelle Soupir, John Tyndall, Chris Witte, Tim Youngquist
  • 2017 - Bioplastics for the Green Industry Team: Chris Currey, William Graves, David Grewell, Darren Jarboe, Kurt Rosentrater, James Schrader
  • 2016 - Master Gardener Team
  • 2015 - Healthy Carb Team: Diane Birt, Terry Boylston, Susan Duvick, Suzanne Hendrich, James Hollis, Jay-lin Jane, Roger Jones, Peng Liu, John McClelland, Gregory Phillips, Manju Reddy, Matthew Rowling, Stephen Sapp, Kevin Schalinske, Paul Scott, Olga Zabotina
  • 2014 - Integrated Pest Management Team - Nathan Bestor, Laura Jesse, Brandon Kleinke, Stuart McCulloh, Darn Mueller, Erika Salaau-Rojas, Adam Sisson, Kent Sisson
  • 2013 - Residual Feed Intake Group - Jack Dekkers (Team Leader), Lloyd Anderson, Anna Butters, Nick Gabler, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Steven Lonergan, Dan Nettleton, Chris Tuggle, Lauren Christian
  • 2012 - Dairy Extension Team - Leo Timms (Team Leader), Lee Kilmer, Chris Mondak, Jennifer Bentley, Ron Lenth, Larry Tranel, Kristen Schulte, Angela Reick-Hinz, Jan Shearer, Melissa O'Rourke, Brian Lang
  • 2011 - Beef Ration and Nutrition Decision Support Software Team - Garland Dahlke, Dan Loy, Daryl Strohbehn
  • 2010 - Performance-Based Watershed Management Team (Lois Wright Morton, Jerry Miller, Matt Helmers, Jerry DeWitt, Jamie Benning, Chad Ingels, Charles Wittmann, Ben Kuennen, Susan Brown, Jackie Comito)
  • 2009 - Food Science and Human Nutrition - Aqueous Soybean Processing Research Team (Larry Johnson, Charles Glatz, Stephanie Jung, Patricia Murphy, Michael Spurlock, Cheryll Reitmeier, and Tong Wang)
  • 2009 - Food Science and Human Nutrition - Aqueous Soybean Processing Research Team (Larry Johnson, Charles Glatz, Stephanie Jung, Patricia Murphy, Michael Spurlock, Cheryll Reitmeier, and Tong Wang)
  • 2008 - Resource and Environmental Policy Division, CARD (Catherine Kling, Hongli Feng Hennessy, Silvia Secchi, Philip Gassman, Manoj Jha, and Todd Campbell)
  • 2007 - Masters of Science in Agronomy
  • 2006 - Agriculture Diversity Committee (Mary de Baca, Nina Grant, Lita Rule, Sande McNabb, Harold Crawford)
  • 2005 - Acetyl-CoA Team (Basil Nikolau, Eve Wurtele, Patrick Schnable and David Oliver)
  • 2004 - Nutritional Physiology Group and the Periparturient Diseases of Cattle Research Unit of the USDA NationalAnimal Disease Center (Donald Beitz, Jesse Goff, Ronald Horst, Brian Nonnecke and Timothy Reinhardt)
  • 2003 - Agroecology Issue Team
  • 2002 - Hoop Group
  • 2001 - Chris Azevedo, Joseph Herrriges, Bruce Babcock, Brent Hueth, C. Philllip Baumel, Catherine Kling, JohnBeghin, Sergio Lence Michael Duffy, John Miranowski, Mark Edelman, Norm Riggs, Arne Hallam, Susan Thompson,Neil Harl, Jeff Zacharakis-Jutz, Dermot Hayes,
  • 2000 - Joe Cordray, James Dickson and Lisa Mayberry
  • 1999 - Thomas Bass, Palmer Holden, Wendy Powers, Dwaine Bundy, Jay Harman, John Lawrence and James McKean
  • 1998 - Walt Fehr and Earl Hammond