CALS Faculty Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award

Award Requirements

Application Deadline:
Due 3rd Tuesday in November to CALS

Purpose: To recognize a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in research and/or creative activity mid-career, and has great potential of becoming an outstanding leader in their areas of research and/or creative activity.

Eligibility: Tenured, tenure-eligible or term faculty with an independent academic career (tenure-eligible position) of six to 13 years and a minimum of three academic years of appointment as a CALS faculty member at the time of the nomination deadline. Recipient must be a CALS employee at the time of the CALS Spring Awards Ceremony. 

Number of Awards: Two - one award for tenured or tenure-eligible faculty and one award for term faculty.

Amount of Award: $500 one-time stipend.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submit the CALS cover sheet. 
  2. Submit a nominating letter no more than three pages describing the relevant accomplishments since the nominee's terminal degree that demonstrate the impact on the nominee's discipline. Address the quality and impact of research publications, describing norms in the field for the numbers and types of publications expected. Document the nomineee's success in grantsmanship (sources and amounts) and discuss the norms for grantsmanship in the nominee's field. Include evidence of the nominee's impact on undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral associates, including a list of former students with information about their current employment. 
  3. Submit no more than three letters from experts in the nominee's field at other institutions who are knowledgeable about the nominee's work. Provide a short paragraph summarizing the qualifications of external references.
  4. Submit the nominee's curriculum vita, not to exceed 25 pages.

Ready to Submit a Nomination?

Past Recipients

  • 2024 - Andy VanLoocke - Agronomy
  • 2023 - Stephanie Hansen - Animal Science
  • 2022 - Joshua Selsby - Animal Science
  • 2021 - Michelle Soupir - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • 2020 - Asheesh (Danny) Singh - Agronomy
  • 2019 - Nicholas Gabler - Animal Science
  • 2018 - David Grewell - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • 2017 - Jianming Yu - Agronomy
  • 2016 - Anna Johnson - Animal Science
  • 2015 - Kurt Rosentrater - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • 2014 - Erik Vollbrecht - Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
  • 2013 - Brian Steward - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • 2012 - Tong (Toni) Wang - Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • 2011 - James Reecy - Animal Science
  • 2010 - Jacek Koziel - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • 2009 - Steven Whitham - Plant Pathology and Microbiology