CALS Faculty Early Achievement in Extension and Outreach Award

Award Requirements

Application Deadline:
Due 3rd Tuesday in November to CALS

Purpose: To recognize a CALS faculty, campus staff or field staff member who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in extension and outreach unusually early in her/his professional career.

Eligibility: Members of the faculty and professional staff with not more than 6 years experience post Ph.D. (or other appropriate terminal degree) and a minimum of 2 years at ISU at the time of the nomination deadline. Recipients must be CALS employess at the time of the CALS Spring Awards Ceremony.

Number of Awards: One faculty award and one P&S staff award.

Amount of Award: $500 one-time stipend.

Criteria: A record of exemplary performance as documented by clients and peers.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Include a statement of no more than three pages describing why this person deserves the award for which she/he is being nominated. The purpose of this statement is to persuade those reviewing the nomination that the candidate is deserving. Cite specific examples of relevant behaviors whenever possible.
  • Include a current resume or curriculum vita for the nominee.
  • Include statements from the nominee's colleagues who are in a position to comment on her/his extension/professional service activity. Two or three such statements are sufficient and each should not be more than one page in length. 
  • Include statements from clientele and/or alumni supporting the nomination. These should be written specifically for the nomination. Three to five such letters are sufficient. 
  • Include evaluative data related to the nominee's work. This can include clientele ratings in regard to teaching as well as evaluative data dealing with impact of the faculty/staff work on clientele. Data regarding the scope of the program (e.g., number of meetings held, number of people reached, number of publications prepared) would also be useful. This section should not be more than one page and should be presented in an easy to read format. 

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Past Recipients

  • 2022 - Adam Thoms
  • 2021 - Wendong Zhang - Economics
  • 2020 - Adam Janke - Natural Resource Ecology and Management
  • 2019 - Mark Licht
  • 2017 - Patrick Gunn
  • 2015 - Ajay Nair
  • 2014 - Rebecca Christoffel
  • 2013 - Emily Heaton
  • 2011 - Jesse Randall
  • 2010 - J. Arbuckle - Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • 2008 - Alison Robertson
  • 2007 - Matthew Helmers
  • 2006 - Palle Pedersen - Agronomy
  • 2005 - Christopher Feeley
  • 2004 - Beverlyn Allen
  • 2003 - Julie Todd