CALS Excellence in Teaching by Term Faculty (Discontinued)

Award Requirements

Application Deadline:
Due 3rd Tuesday in November to CALS

Purpose: To recognize outstanding performance in teaching undergraduate students by CALS term faculty.

Eligibility: Term faculty with a minimum of 2 years of service at CALS at ISU at the time of the nomination deadline, who regularly teach undergraduate courses. Recipients must be CALS employees at the time of the CALS Spring Awards Ceremony.

Nature of the Award: $500 one-time stipend.

Number of Awards: One

Criteria: Evidence of outstanding performance as a teacher, as documented by students and peers

Guidelines for Submitting Nominations for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Teaching Awards

The following guidelines are derived from experience in reviewing nominations in previous years, and are intended to help departments make their nominations as strong as possible.

1. Nomination Statement: (2 pages maximum) Discuss why the nominee is deserving of the award. Indicate the range of teaching responsibilities that the nominee has performed, the innovative or unique approaches used by the nominee to facilitate student learning, and provide specific evidence of meritorious performance by the nominee.

2. Vita: (4 pages maximum) An abbreviated vita that is current and includes information related to the teaching award.

3. Statement by the Nominee: (2 pages maximum) Include a statement of teaching philosophy prepared by the nominee

4. Letters: (3 letters maximum) This section should be prefaced with a list of the names and positions of the letter writers and an indication of their relevance to the nomination. Letters should come from current and former students, as well as colleagues. When possible, comments from colleagues should reflect teaching experiences, observations, or other first-hand knowledge of the teaching performance.

5. Student Evaluation Data: Student evaluation information should be displayed in summary form. Student evaluations should be displayed in the context of college or department norms with a clear explanation of the characteristics being evaluated and the rating scale being used.